About Sky Valley Cooperative Preschool

Our Mission

Sky Valley Co-op Preschool provides children an environment where they are allowed to grow individually in mind, body, and spirit as they are nurtured through the acceptance of their teacher and other parents.  Children are encouraged to learn through play, explore, and experience different learning centers set up in the class.  Art, science, literacy, math/manipulatives, dramatic play, carpentry, and outdoor play are all part of a planned curriculum specifically designed to create fun and new learning experiences.  Our preschool’s top priority is to provide a developmentally appropriate program, and to meet our children's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.      

Teacher Spotlight

3-5's Teacher

Kelsie Kypreos first fell in love with Sky Valley Co-op as a preschool student 33 years ago. Mother to two daughters, Kelsie is an active member of the community, and feels privileged to get to spend her days learning and growing alongside so many amazing Sky Valley kids. Kelsie is passionate about fostering imagination, creativity and social/emotional development in her students, and is constantly on the look out for exciting new ways to help young people explore their world.  

Toddler Class Teacher

Ashley, our Toddler Teacher, enjoys play based learning and believes it creates a life long foundation of creativity and problem solving. She has a strong background in childcare, working in the field for over 10 years. Mom to three girls, she is an ecletic homeschooler. She spends her days playing, crafting, reading and baking with her girls. As a local Girl Scout troop leader she passionate about connecting with the community. Ashley hopes to create a fun and safe environment for your toddler to learn and grow.